I loved the Sesame Street by heart as a child, and even now sometimes I think it had a great impact on my sense of humor. So I watched The Muppets with a predisposition to love it. It had some good moments, but overall, as a grown up I didn’t like the movie at all. Maybe its target audience does not involve people who grew up with the show, and it could only be a mistake.

The Muppets 1

Amy Adams and Jason Segel were acting as if they were forced at gunpoint to be there. I don’t know if I can watch Adams in any movie again.

And the script… again I am asking: what happened to all the screenwriters in Hollywood?? The Muppets has really poor writing. The whole “save the muppets from bad guy” plot was too simple to even be absurd – the audience have been there too many times in the serious sense, as a parody, as parody of parody, so it is fully used and finished. This film needed to be a lot more funny and entertaining, but it chooses to be didactic and sentimental, come on, they are the muppets! And the forced climax… This is a category unnecessary movie.

The Muppets 3


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