Lost in Austen

Lost in Austen

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice… a magical devilish book that finds innocent girls at the beginning of teenage-hood and infects them forever with an incurable virus: Darcy.

Upon finishing the book, the impossibility of accessing to that other world and reaching Darcy torments the effected mind. And the mind forms all kinds of silly fantasies to cross that border for temporary relief of the intolerable symptoms. A main fantasy sustains, and the sufferer continues to fill in the gaps with more details.

The infamous ball where Darcy and Amanda makes their first dance

The infamous ball where Darcy and Amanda make their first dance

Lost in Austen successfully follows the footsteps of such an infection. And therefore it is so lovable.

An elaborate fantasy that is a fun experience for the ones who know every chapter of the book by the heart, the show makes a very good job of transforming the book into fantasy and creating new parallel situations.

The flaws of Lost in Austen might derive from not being unashamed to take itself seriously, and by that I mean dealing with the details more precisely; then it would be an even more fulfilling fantasy. Especially the beginning could have been constructed better. The reaction of the family and other people to Amanda’s materialization and her weirdness was too downsized.

All of the casting is great, which is a rare thing for adaptations, maybe only except for Jane who needs to be a more eye-catching beauty.

Lost in Austen is a very fun watch for lovers of the book and does a very good job of rubbing the old wounds, and creating an alter ego for us in Amanda. Yes it is silly. But how can’t it be silly? After all, it is a secret fantasy of an infected mind that forms out of pure necessity: to avoid the pain of not having the Darcy romance. And finally it is filmed for a night of solidarity, laughter, and therapy for all Darcymania sufferers.

One of the Darciest Darcys

One of the Darciest Darcys


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